Getting your oil changed is one of the most important steps in basic vehicle maintenance. Motor oil performs several crucial functions within the engine, which is why it is essential to regularly change your oil. At Pete's Car Smart Kia, we take pride in the quality of the oil we offer, and we think you are going to want to get your oil changed at our dealership.

Why are Oil Changes So Important?

Motor oil is crucial for making sure your engine stays in optimal working condition as you drive all over Lubbock. Oil lubricates the moving parts of an engine, allowing them to operate without generating harmful friction. Oil also wicks heat away from those parts of the engine, helping it keep cool. Over time, oil gets dirty and needs to be replaced. You can find the recommended oil change interval for your specific vehicle in your owner's manual.

Why You Should Choose Pete's Car Smart Kia for Your Next Oil Change

At Pete's Car Smart Kia, we now use synthetic oil for all oil changes. Although the base price for synthetic oil can be a bit pricier than that of conventional oil, you can get oil changes at longer intervals when you use synthetic oil. As a result, you can actually save money by using synthetic oil, making it a better option for your Kia in Canyon.

Get Your Next Oil Change at Pete's Car Smart Kia

If you live in the Texas Panhandle and need an oil change for your Kia, then Pete's Car Smart Kia is the place to go. We will change your oil fast and do the job right every time. Be sure to contact our dealership for more information, or schedule an oil change appointment today!

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