The hybrid and electric 2022 Kia vehicles offer all of the things drivers love about Kia models. The only difference is that the efficient battery engine is a more sustainable way of getting to your final destination. Instead of relying solely on gasoline, drivers can enjoy smooth sailing with a partial gasoline engine or an entirely electric one.

Although the 2022 hybrid and electric model's most sought-after feature is the battery, each vehicle in the SUV line-up has much to offer. From the impressive performance to the advanced technology, there is much to get excited about. Drivers will find that their favorite hybrid or electric model meets all of their vehicle needs while offering a more sustainable way to drive.

What are the Hybrid and Electric Kia Models?

With the many Kia models available, navigating the wide selection at Pete's Car Smart Kia in Amarillo, Texas, to find the hybrid and electric models may be challenging if you don't know what to look for. But rest assured, our representatives are here to point you in the right direction. The latest Kia hybrid and electric SUV line-up include the 2022 Niro, the 2022 Niro Plug-In Hybrid, the 2022 Niro EV, and the 2022 Sorento Hybrid.

Each model has received a redesign and many upgrades from the 2021 edition, making it more powerful and even more technologically advanced. However, if you are looking to get one of the previous year's hybrid or electric models, we also have those available here at Pete's Car Smart Kia. But, for the latest upgrades, the 2022 models are what you want to browse.

What Hybrid Technology is Available in the SUV Line-up?

The hybrid technology in the Kia SUV vehicles is state-of-the-art. Not only does it allow for maximum power without gasoline or as much of it, but it creates a smooth ride for drivers. Electric motors and a combustion engine power these vehicles, making them able to embrace city driving or highway driving. The speed, braking, and other driving factors are no challenge for these hybrid SUVs.

Drivers can expect their hybrid or electric Kia vehicles to have unique technology under the hood and in the interior of the SUV. Despite using some of the commonplace electrical engines, Kia adds their touch to optimize performance and give the SUV line-up some oomph. The typical Kia drive and feel that exceeds your expectations is standard in the hybrid and electric line-up.

What Makes the Hybrid Technology Efficient?

The technology in the hybrid vehicles proves to be efficient, making the hybrid models equal to their entire gasoline counterparts. Drivers can expect many of the models, including the 2022 Kia Niro, to even get up to 50 miles per gallon on just the battery alone. Cruising around town doing errands, going to work, and other short to medium-length trips are doable without utilizing any gasoline. Even lengthier trips can have a dent made with just the electric power. The best part is that drivers have fewer gas stops while contributing to a more sustainable future.

Test Drive the Latest Hybrid and Electric Kia Models at Pete's Car Smart Kia

Get your hands on one of the hybrids or electric Kia models when you come by Pete's Car Smart Kia. You can have any of your questions answered, learn more about the vehicles in the line-up, and even get set up with some test drives. You might even find that you fall head over heels for one of the Kia models. Visit our showroom floor at Pete's Car Smart Kia today to test drive the plug-in hybrid and electric Kia line-up!

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